Sunday, October 5, 2014

Catching Up with the Dial fam...School Days

Our summer vacation ended in August.  Sad as it is to watch pool days dwindle down the Dial fam was ready.  New school excitement had set in! Back to school haircuts were done, new shoes were purchased, and we had even practiced a new wakeup time once or twice. 

For Jack the excitement of his big boy school and big boy backpack was undending. 

He walked into that school and out of his summer life like he was King of St. Pats.  He is, of course.

Mae, on the otherhand, had no clue what school was (other than Jack's new school).  Our adventurous little girl was more concerned with her "pack pack" than school.

She smiled and we snuck out.  It took 2 weeks, but we are tantrum and tear free at drop off. 

Time has flown.  I was just texting with a good friend today and mentioned that our babies were about to turn 2.  I can almost *almost* remember anxiously awaiting Jack's arrival. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My very FIRST Spotlight Saturday!

I've been really really good about my bodily output. I run, chase children, wrestle said children, do workout classes, etc. But what I put in? That's a whole different story. One that I'm not really good here goes.

You are what you that case I'm one really big carbohydrate. No seriously I can smell a carb a million miles away. A vegetable? Forget it. I only put green food on the table because my husband loves it.

So naturally when my friend, Ashley, first told me about "Greens" I was a skeptic. An almost 8 month skeptic. And today? I want to break down the powder that makes me no longer a skeptic and suddenly superwoman.

Truth #1: The American diet is full of fats and sugars
Truth #2: These fats and sugars contribute to our blood being way too acidic.

Enter Greens. Greens are full of natural nutrients that help to bring our bodies from an acidic state to a more alkaline state.

How? 2 scoops of Greens (or 1 packet of Greens on the Go) are full of:

- 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables: I mean who doesn't want/need those? The best part? 8 ounces later you don't have to feel bad about pushing the broccoli around on your plate. And you won't have the bloat if you actually eat it.

- 38 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods: Giving a HUGE boost to your diet. How? With vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients (according to WebMD this is a natural substance found in certain plants that helps promote health and rpevent various diseases), and enzymes that are easily absorbed by your body. Greens are a supplement...not a replacement. But even if I skip the beans or asparagus I still feel like superwoman.

-Probiotics: Really crazy, but it is actually good for your digestive health to add a little healthy bacteria. Helps to keep your body regular (God knows how my husband could be anymore regular) and helps to remove toxins so your body can naturally absorb more healthy nutrients. Not to mention gets rid of killer diaper rash.

-Magnesium and Potassium: These help to alkalinize the body. Did you know an acidic body is low on potassium AND usually low on magnesium? Because magnesium helps to regulate your potassium levels. In a nutshell you can't absorb potassium without proper levels of magnesium. FUN FACT: When your body is OVERLY acidic it naturally releases calcium and magnesium from the bones to promote an alkaline pH...naturally leading to a magnesium deficency.

- Antioxidants: No come on, who doesn't want those?

ItWorks Greens are natural, organic, non-GMO, AND super affordable. I like the berry the best. My kids call it green juice. I call it my liquid drug of choice.
Click "SHOP"
Cruise the products
Sign up as a loyal customer (3 month commitment with the lower prices)
Thank me later when your hangover is gone, your superman (or woman) cape starts growing, and suddenly you just drank a million berry salads in one tasty 8 ounce glass.

Hit me up with any questions!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Merriam-Webster refers to it as a period of time when something (such as an activity or program) is stopped. I call it a "we got home, peed on a stick, had a baby (and a toddler), closed a store, started school full time, work full time" time. And no, I haven't missed this blog much. But let's be honest here...neither has anyone else. We've generally been living in a totally sleep deprived world. Blindly finding our way through parenthood. Learning little about ourselves and a lot about our kids. Plural. As in 2. We now have two kids. Last time I wrote I was amazing you with our exciting trip to Antigua. Or as I love to call it therapy with alcohol. Maybe our recent trip to Cali (sans kids) has sparked me to write again. Maybe it's guilt that Mae doesn't have a play by play to her first year of life. Who knows...but here I am. Blogging. And here you are...reading. About nothing. So here's something... Meet Mae... She's the reason we haven't slept in just about a year. Our little, round, walking at 9 months bundle of joy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lessons Antigua

1.  Do not pay for in-flight DirectTV unless you love The Hangover 2, Sherlock Holmes, or Yogi Bear on repeat.  CDitty and I are suckers.
2.  5 days in a tropical paradise sans your child is better than any therapy session in the world.

3.  You should go to tropical island therapy once in a while.
4.  Europeans love Antigua.
5.  Europeans love speedos.
6.  SPF 30 is not strong enough for ghostly white bodies.
7.  Bring Aloe.
8.  Overweight Europeans wearing speedos tend to look naked.
9.  Somehow mosquito nets, bungalows, and sea views are extremely romantic.

10.  I am easily amused by speedos.  CDitty is not.  (Although photo credit below goes to him!)

11.  This was the most relaxed I've been in 2 years, 2 months, and 8 days.
12.  There is nothing better than the love and help of really good family.

13.  Drink fruity drinks.  Heavily.
14.  Always travel with 1 of your child's toys.  It was almost as entertaining as the Europeans.

15.  Europeans wear shorts style speedos and briefs.  It cracks me up.
16.  My obsession with the speedo proves that I am too immature for Europe.  Yet somehow I'm mature enough to be a mommy?
17.  Coming home was awesome.  "I love you mommy" and "I missed you" never sounded so sweet.
18.  Vaca was awesome.

**I have so many more pictures of Antigua!  I'll photo dump when I get them on my computer.  Including like 20 of Mr. White Hat **

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awareness...and tears

From one self-diagnosed, self-proclaimed blog addict to another:

A high school friend posted this blog on her facebook page.  I clicked (as any blog addict would do), grabbed a box of tissues, and added the link to my favorites.  Talk about a wonderful family, faced with unimaginable heartbreak.  When I think I have problems, remind me of Avery's family.  Please.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Two is tough. Temper tantrum tough.  Forgot how to sleep through the night tough.  "I can do it myself" tough. 

But moments like these make me remember that two is fun.

The "Mommy come play" kind of fun.

And "I eat like daddy" fun.

"Look at somping cool"  fun.

Pretend and puddles fun.

You get

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jack is 2 + Pinterest = Train Party!

Jack has discovered his love for trains and I discovered my love to Pinterest.  A super fab birthday party emerged!  I'll let my picture do the talking.  BUT if anyone has the following pictures please PLEASE get them to me:
1) Pic of the diesel fuel (vodka punch)
2) Pic of the Water Tower (water pitcher)
3) Carriage Treats car (Popcorn with white chocolate and rice krispies treats)
4) Pic of Jack, CDitty, and myself (I will never ever throw a party without a photographer again)
5) A Picture of us singing Happy Birthday to Jack
6) A Picture of the "train tracks".  CDitty braved the rain and put black duct tape down in the shape of a train track up the sidewalk!  Total hit.

**This is a sampling of pictures!  I know there are thousands everywhere!

Guess who's party it was?

Thank you Pinterest
Sandwich Station was PB& J's cut into trains
blueberries and grapes

Delish!  Big THANK YOU to Mere for helping me with EVERYTHING!
Trains Whistles, Bandanas, and Name Tags

Cookies & Cream (Coal Dusted Cupcakes)

We iced sugar cooked cut out into Train Shapes
Yay for friends!

The Birthday Boy wore his conductor suit!

Thank god for the "masement"

Everyone Had fun...

...Even the grown ups